Who´s AZEMAD Sport?
What kind of products and services do you offer?
Can I buy the products directly from the website?
So how can I buy the remaining AZEMAD products?
What are the advantages of buying through distributors?
So, do you not guarantee assistance if I buy directly from you?
Is it possible to buy products at your facilities?
Do your products have a warranty?
What if there´s proven manufacturing defect?
Can the resellers exchange/ refund my product?
I´ve visted a distributor on your list, but doesn't have the product I want. How can I buy it?
I whish to become an AZEMAD distributor, how can I do it and what do I need?
What´s the #TeamAZEMAD?
Can I become an AZEMAD sponsored player?
And how to become an AZEMAD sponsored club?
What is the AZEMAD Made of You Stick Customizer?
How does the customization process work?
Which stick models can I choose?
Can I upload and customize my own design?
Which countries is the service available for?
I have a store with AZEMAD products near my residence, can I buy through it?
What are the costs for a custom Stick?
How many custom sticks can I buy?
Can I write what I want?
I want to buy, what is the purchase process?
What purchasing methods can I use?
What is the estimated delivery time?
I have already ordered, how can I track the status of my order?
I received the stick but I want to exchange it, how can I do it?
So, is my stick covered by a warranty?
So, I chose a certain color and it doesn't match what appears on my screen, why?
I want to share or save my design, how can I do it?
To submit my design, I´ll have to fill in several details. What about my privacy?