Constantly evolving in order to reduce its CO2 AZEMAD joins initiative


March 21st celebrates the International Forest Day and World Tree Day. As a manufacturer of wood-based products (Furniture and Sticks for Roller Hockey), we have an added concern and scrupulously comply with a series of measures aimed at promoting good ecological practices and safeguarding environmental sustainability.

AZEMAD ensures that all purchased wood comes from certified sources and sustainable forests. All suppliers have to meet our ecological requirements. Therefore, when the final customer buys our products, they will have the guarantee that all wood, until reaching its the final form, goes through a rigorous process, not only one of quality, but also one of sustainability.

As an internal policy, certain steps are taken in order to control our ecological footprint and thereby reducing air pollution emitted, contributing positively to climate change. In addition to all the care and environmental policies, we have at our facilities 3 hectares of Indigenous Forest, the equivalent to 15 trees per AZEMAD employee, which goes to show afforestation is a concern which is part of the company´s entity.

AZEMAD had planned some initiatives to celebrate this day, but, due to the world´s current situation, as well as all preventive and contingency measures adopted by the company, the initiatives have been canceled.

So, AZEMAD would like to highlight this day nonetheless, by means of social awareness to preserve our future are highlighted. Let us take care of our environment and, most of all, our good health!

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