Liberty Concept

The Passion for the Game

I started to play at the age of 3 in Patí Manlleu, the club in my region. I got into Roller hockey as a cousin’s influence, because I was so young, I used to emulate everything he did. So, when he enrolled in Roller Hockey, I followed in his footsteps.

I’m a fan of all sports, but Roller hockey in particular, is the one that drives great passion inside me. I just love the dynamics and the fact it’s played on skates. Skating for me is liberating. When I first started, I played in mixed team, even though I was the only girl. I have many fond memories from those days, where I learned and evolved a great deal.

At 15 I was given the opportunity to get in Voltregá’s female team and play the OK Female League. I grew a lot as a player as I began to learn and adjust to the female’s Roller Hockey scene. I was also in Hostelcur Gijón, but came back to Manlleu, where I play nowadays. I’ve always had the opportunity to play international matches with the Spanish National Team.


I’m fortunate to have won important trophies, but I believe the most beautiful time in my career was with the Spanish National Team, in the last World Roller Games (Barcelona, 2019), where we managed to win the Roller Hockey World Cup for the third time in a row.

But I still pursue the ambition as well as motivation to improve, and to get close as much as possible, to what may be my best version. I want to keep winning titles with Manlleu, as well as with the Spanish National Team, always wanting more, always growing more.

I draw inspiration from those that help me and gave the resources as well as the opportunities, to be better on and off ring. Being surrounded by the best is an extra inspirational bonus that makes me give all I got, in order to never let them down.

The Stick

"Having my own custom stick is something that makes me very happy and I'm very pleased with how it turned out”

At the time, when my partnership with Azemad was established, there were no female players with neither a sponsorship nor a customized stick. I was approached for this project through Santi of Hockeymania, Azemad’s representative in Catalonia, to become the face for female Roller Hockey, along with Marlene Sousa.

It was an honour and since then I began developing my stick. Liberty for me is a very powerful feeling and it’s something that relates to me. When I’m playing Hockey, that’s how I feel, free to fly in the ring, hence the choice of design depicting a falcon. Having my own custom stick is something that makes me very happy and I’m very pleased with how it turned out.

I also believe it’s an encouragement to an increasing number of younger female players, to have the same chance, and to become all role models for all young players.