Classy Experience

Passion for the Game

My passion for Rink Hockey’s been there since I was a little boy. In my home town Sant Sadurní D’anoia (Barcelona), Rink Hockey is king of sports and aka the people’s sport. So, the influence comes from my region and my family, and therefore I was enrolled at the Sant Josep’s School only 3 years old, and hockey ‘s been a part of my life ever since.

While at school the best days were when I had practice in the afternoon and when had the chance to play on Saturdays, as it was really important to me, and since than I began to grow the love for competition. I love the demand and intensity of a match, when there’s supporters in the stands and there’s 3 point at stake, or big elimination matches or finals, it’s when I have the most fun and enjoyment.

I believe we’re constantly learning and so I always look to improve myself as a player, whether it’s physically, technically or tactically. I also believe a player’s career is not just good times, and it’s rather in the worst of times, such as bad matches, disappointments or in injuries that keep me from doing what I love the most, that I learn and try to grow with it.


Despite having a long career I believe my finest moment is yet to come, that’s the way I keep focused and with the ambition to keep on playing and win more titles. It’s true that throughout my path I’ve managed to keeps things working out for me, and kept winning important trophies and other challenges, so that why I consider my career my biggest achievement, because I try and always will give my best , so that I can enjoy my club’s supporters happiness.

My focus is now to keep on working and winning titles for Oliveirense and stay in the club’s history, for these amazing proud supporters whom deserve it so much.

I still feel this urge to win, improve, enjoy this sport and help my team, but in order to do that one must work, and that’s why I fight every day. That's my big inspiration.

The Stick

“Azemad was restless in building the perfect stick for me, in line with my personality.”

When I signed for Oliveirense, Azemad was our sponsor and was very impressed with company. Seeing the factory’s context and how sticks are made, the professionalism, besides the way the we’re greeted, gave me the chance to witness the brand’s greatness. At the time I was sponsored by another brand, but once the contract ended, Azemad offered me a sponsorship to develop my own stick, and I didn’t think twice. Thus the customized Jordi Bargalló signature stick came about.

Azemad was restless in building the perfect stick for me, in line with my personality. It’s a well-balanced stick, in what weight ‘s concerned, with top hardness, in order to ensure a good exterior shot. The shaft was also an exclusive design for this model, wide for a perfect fit.

As a father I also recommend Azemad sticks because from my experience, I believe they have models for different characteristics and for each stage of learning, as well as featuring great resistance, and therefore lasting longer.