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Creative Freedom!

The Liberty AC5 was designed and developed in partnership with player Anna Casaramonna. Inspired by the feeling of liberty, something that personifies her playing style, this model allows her to spread her wings of creativity.

This stick despite the fact of being well balanced, offers a greater sensitivity to the touch, and is recommended to more technical players, because of the shafts´ flexibility and thin geometry. This allows for an easier handling, by adding more dexterity and speed to your playing style, just like a falcon. Features a 90º curvature blade with a traditional geometry adapted to modern playing style.

This Stick was developed for you to fly in the rink, and have the liberty to be what you want to. AZEMAD´s professional sticks may vary from the models shown, as they are adjusted to the player´s liking and requirements.

Size: 102cm

Balde: Laminated 90º wood curvature, composite fibre coated

Shaft: Thin

Hardness: Flexible

Player Profile: Technical players

Benefit: Liberty (Agility and Dexterity)

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