We are Made of You. #TeamAZEMAD is represented by those who inspire the passion for Rink Hockey. In our team of professionals, those who represent us shows all the responsibility to inspire, which unites us to this sport.

Professional Players

Looking for a place in History, the professional players of #TeamAZEMAD represent the ultimate exponent of Rink Hockey. With different generations, a mix of youth and experience based on equality for all, these players inspire countless others with their passion in each game and with each stick touch.

Hélder Nunes

A true case of Skin Deep Talent. With his Red Bull stick, Helder gains wings in the rink.

Marlene Sousa

Marlene's identity and magic in the rink is represented by her stick.

Roc Pujadas

The young prodigy already shows his full potential and intends to mark the next generation of players. Keep an eye out.

Pau Bargalló

The talent and joy of one of the greatest goal scorers of all time represented through the stick.

Ferran Font

Flashy as thunder, quick as lightning. The young player has already a brilliant career.

Jordi Burgaya

The young player brings all the mystique of a number 7. An example of dedication and talent.

João Rodrigues

The Brave Scorer. João and his Brave stick represent a fearsome pair for all goalkeepers.

Carlos Nicolia

The Argentinian Genius shows all his artistic playstyle on the rink, with his abstract and unpredictable technique.

Cata Flores

The love for his family and his will to win represented in his stick.


Rink Hockey icons and legends that have carved a place in this sport´s history, with all they achieved in their fantastic careers. But the journey does not end here and our Ambassadors remain connected and are looking for new ways to share their knowledge and inspire the next generations.

Reinaldo Ventura

A King of Rink Hockey, a legend and a legacy that is part of the past, present and future.

Guillem Trabal

A Goalkeeper Legend. Trabal retired after being considered one of the best in the world, but still keeps connection to Rink Hockey

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