By submitting a contact form you are providing the following personal information: 1. Name; 2. E-mail; 3 – in the case of a commercial contact: A) telephone, B) address, C) company name and website; Why do we collect this data? Your personal data will be used exclusively to provide an answer to the subject that leads you to contact us.

Your information is stored in our databases and is not shared with third parties. Your personal information will not be used to make automated decisions that may affect you. Your personal data will be protected by technical and organizational measures that guarantee your rights, refered below.

Your personal data will be kept as long as you continue to consent, or for as long as necessary within the scope for which it was collected. For the purposes described in this Privacy Notice your personal data will be kept to a maximum of 12 to 18 months as per your consent or the last contact made (depending on what happens last) and if, within this period, you have not withdrawn your consent. Once the maximum period has been reached, your personal data will be irrevocably anonymised (anonymised data may be retained) or destroyed in a secure fashion.

Under the current law, you can ask us which of your personal data we are processing, and ask for corrections should they prove incorrect. You may also request deletion or a copy of your personal data. In addition to the foregoing rights, you may also request AZEMAD to stop using your personal information. The simplest way to do this is to withdraw your consent. You may do so at any time by using the contact form to do so, or by sending us your request by e-mail, by writing to us or by calling us using the contact details above.

If you have any complaints regarding our use of your personal data, you may do so directly with the Portuguese supervisory authority, the Comissão Nacional de Protecção de Dados, through the following website or in writing, to the address below: Rua de São Bento, 148, 3º 1200-821 Lisbon Portugal


The following document lays out our procedure regarding AZEMAD, Lda´s , Privacy Policy, Personal Data Processing and Terms of Use.

As a result of access to and use of AZEMAD’s websites and mobile applications, this document will inform you about the collection, processing and production of data, how it is used, shared and protected, as well as the channels available to contact to AZEMAD.

The entity that processes your personal data is AZEMAD.


In order for the user to interact with social networks and contacts, register, AZEMAD will request access to your location, calendar, and credentials for social network.
Upon creating an account, making a purchase, contacting us, participating in initiatives through our websites and mobile applications, we will have to request some of the following personal data, mentioned below. websites and mobile applications, we will have to request some of the following personal data, mentioned below.
A) Your email, name, phone number and adress;
B) Weight and height;
C) City, date of birth, gendre;
D) Login, information regarding the account created, such as Screen Name, Password, and User ID
E) Information regarding debit or credit card you may come to use;
F) Video footage, images or pictures uploaded or share by you;
G) Activity logs provided by you through our websites and AZEMAD ´s mobile applications, such as distance traveled, location, calories spent, applied force, duration of activity and Sensor data. (regarding mobile sports applications);
H) Record of Personal Preferences, including marketing and cookie preferences.

AZEMAD would like to let you know that there´s information collected in an automated way, by the browser or mobile device, however you can decide what gets collected. Learn more in the «Cookies» chapter of this document.


1 – For research and analytical purposes
In order to better organize our offers in a more straight forward way, and better ascertain your preferences, behavior and searches, we´ll use data collected from visitors and users, from our websites as well as mobile apps and services.

2- Sending information about Products, Services, Events and other initiatives.
Once you give us your consent, AZEMAD will be able to forward you information about products, services, events and other initiatives. You´ll be able to cancel it at any time, as described below in Contact us In order to customise our interaction with our clients, by providing relevant information about products and services, we may use data duly authorized by you, collected upon your interaction with our websites and mobile apps.

3- Complying to legal obligations
AZEMAD is complied by law to take certain actions given its clients activities, namely:
Making a purchase on our websites or mobile apps, will require obtaining your data in order to issue a receipt, as well as sending you the product.
b) Cumprimento de obrigações legais
4 – Minors and children
We request parental guidance and supervision regarding usage. We also request such guidance as registrations by minors or children in our websites or mobile apps is not allowed.

5- Answering your questions
In order to answer your questions, provide resources from our websites and mobile apps, services or any other interaction of yours, we´ll need your personal data, in which case your consent will by required, or refer to such data if consent was already given by you in prior occasion. By using our mobile apps, all data resulting of your physical activity, whether committed or shared by you, will need to be stored in order for you to access them at a later time. This includes some of the items mentioned in “What kind of personal data does AZEMAD collect and when does it happen?” Whenever you decide to share on your social network, through our websites and mobile apps, your credentials will be required, and therefore you´ll need to provide them.


Web browsers and mobile devices currently offer a variety of options in order to manage cookies or shared folders in your devices. Therefore it is possible to decide at which point your device will collect, share, provides certain personal parameters.
Without That said in the previous section, by using our websites or mobile apps, and in order to get your consent to collect your location or send you information, a warning or request will be issued. AZEMAD may also refer to permissions already defined by you in your devices standard settings.


In strict compliance with fiscal and accounting obligations, which arise from commercial and industrial activities, when making a purchase, we will have to use the data that is provided by you, and at some point we may provide it to third parties for: processing debit / credit cards payments (banks), processing and delivery of orders (carriers), hosting and management of our data (servers).

In order to detect abuse, fraud, violations of this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, any and all cases that constitute unlawfull actions and illegalities I general, as well as being able to comply with requests and court impositions, in addition to observance of laws in force, we may collect data about your interaction with our websites and mobile apps, as well as the Terms and Conditions found on the Google Store (Apps) and the Terms and Conditions stated in the Apple Store.
Da mesma forma, poderão ser utilizados para conduzir situações de diagnóstico informático, resolução de problemas de ordem técnica, no sentido de gerir e administrar os nossos websites e aplicações móveis.

In order to share on social networks, our mobile apps provide tools to create profiles. Fields such as Screen Name, Photo Profile, City and activity in mobile apps will be included in what you share.

Tendo em conta que os seus amigos e público em geral irão visualizar o seu perfil, (caso entenda torná-lo público) para sua maior comodidade aconselha-se a ter algum cuidado, na escolha das designações a utilizar para a identificação no seu perfil.

By sharing on social networks your data activity on our websites and mobile apps, your rights and privacy will be governed by the policies of such platforms. That said, AZEMAD informs that it does not control nor can it be held responsible by contents or links or referred policies that may be found there. You should inquire about them before sharing anything.
AZEMAD reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, always bearing in mind, compliance with the Law, and that any such modifications will be advertised in our websites and mobile apps, whenever they concern you – in which case AZEMAD will require your consent.


In order to securely preserve your personal data AZEMAD uses a number of technical and different security measures, which include encryption and authentication tools.
The personal data which we collect (or process) within the subject matter of our websites and mobile apps is stored in Germany.
Your personal data will be stored, only and for as long as you maintain a profile account on our websites or mobile apps.
Any data relating to your purchases will be stored for the time required to comply with legal obligations such as fiscal laws and for sale purposes and relevant warranties.

Quaisquer dados relativos às suas compras serão armazenados durante o tempo necessário para cumprir as obrigações legais, como leis fiscais e para fins de venda e garantias relevantes.


You have the right to access your personal data.

You have the right to an electronic copy of your personal data (portability).

You have the right to request corrections of your personal data, should it be incomplete or incorrect.

You have the right to opt-out (to be forgotten) or in certain cases provided by law, to restrictions of your personal data. These rights are not absolute.

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.


When you use our websites, AZEMAD collects information from your browser by means of Cookies in order to better suit your preferences (eg, country and language).
Cookies are used to get gathered traffic data, identify trends, and get statistics in order to improve our services.

The following cookie categories are used in our websites:

1. Functional: also known as White Cookies, these necessary cookies for the website´s basic operation and therefore will always be active. This group includes cookies that allow you to remember when browsing our websites in a single session, or from one session to another, if you so request. Cookies help make the shopping cart and checkout processes possible, as well as help you with security and regulatory compliance issues.

2. Performance: These are cookies that allow you to improve the functionality of websites. In some cases, these improve speed, as they allow to remember preferences you chose on the site. Rejection of these may result in improper settings and impoverished website performance.

3. Social networks and advertising: Social media cookies offer the hability to connect you to your social networks and share content from our websites. Advertising (and third-party) cookies collect information to help you better suit advertising to your interests.

In some cases, these cookies involve processing of your personal data. Disabling them may result in inappropriate adverts for you. It may also lead to a lack of connectivity with Facebook, Twitter (or others), and not being able to share your content.

This data includes
1. Cookies, IP addresses, reference headers, data that identifies your internet browser along with its version, and web beacons and bookmarks.

2. Device IDs, call status, network access, storage information, and battery information;
By using our websites, third parties may by means of cookies, plugins or other, collect information through your web browser. The processing referring to the data collected will dependent on their respective privacy policies, such as and for instance Facebook and Google.

If you opted to receive marketing communications (making appropriate choice in the dialog box on the very first visit to our websites), and at a later time, whish to change that, in order not to receive them, please refer to the section below Managing your cookies.


All browsers provide the user with options to accept, decline or delete cookies.
In the «options» or «preferences» menu of your browser, you´re given the possibility to configure the cookie files, whereby you can accept, delete or refuse them altogether;

Please note that inactivating cookies, may result in incorrect procedure of services, partially or totally influencing navigation on a website.

Contact Us

Should you want to address any sort of correspondence, or submit a complaint concerning privacy issues, our websites or mobile applications, please use the following channel:


Adress: Rua Maria Conceição Santos, nº 93

3720-215 Oliveira de Azeméis


All issues will be processed with the greatest interest in their resolution and satisfaction for both parties