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The origin of innovation!

The GT10 model developed by Goal Keeper Guillem Trabal, raising the keeper´s playing involvement. The stick developed by AZEMAD, with the helping vision of one pf the world´s all-time best goal keeper, was the first ever to start the short blade technology, and therefore becoming the world´s standard.

The GT10 XL model gathers all the advantages of durability and lightness of a 100% composite stick, introducing the shorter blade innovation as this part is often neglected and may unbalance a stick´s weight distribution.

This world standard model takes away part of the blade´s length adding it to the shaft, turning it into a longer stick, while respecting regulations. This is the recommend stick to all Goal Keepers that wish to increase their range of action within the goal area.

The GT10 XL is therefore 5 cm longer (107cm) than traditional models and like all AZEMAD sticks developed for goalkeepers, the handle is adapted to fit the glove and avoid spacing between the stick and the ground when placed on the floor, becoming the main differentiating feature, as to why field player sticks should not be used in the goal position.

Size: 107cm

Material: 100% Composite

Blade: Short

Handle: Thin

Player Profile: Agility and Engagement

Benefit: Agility and Range

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