Az 100 Strong
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Az 100 Strong

Maximum range power!

The AZ100 family models set themselves apart for their wide blade´s amplitude. The 100º laminated wood curvature blade, with composite fibre outer coating, makes this family as the sticks with greater amplitude, greater range, and the sticks that promote greater contact time with the ball.

The Strong model has a wide and rigid shaft, providing greater stability and firmness when handling the stick. The wider stick geometry provides a secure grip, along with the hardness of the high density wood, which provides superior precision and power. Suitable for players who require a stronger grip on the stick and focus on strength, positioning and stability over technique and agility.

The firm feel of the AZ100 Strong provides a, more powerful playing style, thanks to its firm stick control, ideal for dominant, physical players. A greater blade amplitude increases the player´s range, the Strong model will enable the player to put out of his/her power.

Size: 102cm

Blade: 100º curvature, laminated wood with outer fibre coating

Shaft: Wide

Hardness: Rigid

Player Profile: Physical players

Benefits: Firmness and power

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