Stick Tape

Stick Tape

Wrap your stick with the best tape around!


Stick with it!

AZEMAD´s stick tapes are the ideal solutions for those that look for higher handle grip, whilst keeping control throughout a match. Carefully manufactured in cotton fabric and high grade polyester, they are coated with a special natural rubber boosting their grip as well as durability.

As well as excellent gripping adherence, it allows for a much better effective ball vibration absorption, therefore conveying a better and greater control over the stick.

The AZEMAD Tapes also offer a superior water resistance, retaining its adherence as well as an outstanding durability.

The tape unwinds smoothly with an evenly tear. Applying is quite easy and straight forward, as is its removal without leaving residues or damaging the outer wood.

The AZEMAD tapes are available in several colours, so that you can customize your stick according to your style.

Composition: Cotton and polyester fabric

Coating: Natural special rubber adhesive

Length: 25 meters

Width: 2,5 centimetres

Available colours: White, Black, red, Green, Blue and Yellow.

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