Wheels for Skates

Wheels for Skates

Speed on the Rink!

When compared to standard models, the thread is narrower allowing the same standard balance as ever, but with the added bonus of a faster slide.

Duel (88A) - higher grip to the track thanks to its low rigidity.

Drive (92A) - Sweet spot between speed and grip thanks to an optimized solution.

Tunnel (94A) - Higher speed with less grip. Because they´re harder they require geater skating skills.

Designed for durability and to further complement ECLIPSE´s boot high performance and stability.


Speed in the Rink!

The AZEMAD wheels that fit your skating style and needs. Promise of a high-end performance grade, with the best commitment regarding durability.

Available in three models for different styles and playing conditions in minds. Generally speaking and compared with standard models, one of its big benefits is  having a narrow thread (26mm), which induces a significantly improved fluid roll, whilst keeping the same equilibrium as always

The available models offer three different types of hardness: Duel (88A), Drive (92A) e Tunnel (94A), in order to provide options for different skating styles or different flooring altogether.


Tread: 26mm

Diameter: 62mm

Duel (88A): Greater grip given its lower hardness – Soft

Drive (92A): Sweet spot between Balance, Speed and Grip– Firm

Tunnel (94A): Greater speed with lesser grip – Hard

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