Flash FF

Flash FF

Dazzle like Ferran!

The Flash FF was developed and adapted in partnership with player Ferran Font who wanted to infuse all of his agility and playing speed to his stick model. Unpredictable like a flash of lightning in a rink, the Flash concept totally fits Ferran Font´s personality.

The Flash stick has a thin and hard shaft, while keeping balance between its thinner geometry and a high density wood. Sporting narrower stick geometry, it allows for a more manoeuvrable grip, but its greater hardness allows for a surer reliability, thus combining speed with such as a flash. With a 90º laminated wood curvature, it’s a traditional geometry blade adapted to modern playing.

Sporting an attractive design this stick will make you shine in the rink. AZEMAD´s professional sticks may vary from the models shown, as they are adjusted to the player´s liking and requirements.

Size: 102cm

Blade: Laminated 90º wood curvature, composite fibre coated

Shaft: Thin

Hardness: Rigid

Player Profile: Virtuoso Players

Benefits: Speed and comfort

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