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Detailed for performance!

AZEMAD´s Groin Cup is an excellent protecting addition which fits the AZEMAD´s Slips. Developed with carefully chosen materials, this Groin Cup guarantees superior protection for an extremely sensitive body part.

Featuring as a main characteristic, a double coating protection, in order to absorb and to reduce the energy from impacts, the lower layer is made of an adherent rubber for a better fit and preventing unwanted slides. The top layer is produced from a superior and extremely resistant plastic, which in turn holds great shock absorption giving high grade protection even from the biggest impacts.

With strategically placed perforated areas, the Groin Cup allows for adequate breathing, avoiding sweat while keeping it lightweight and cool in all safety.

Coating: Double layered

Inferior layer: adherent rubber

Top layer: superior quality plastic

Perforation: triple

Size: One size only

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