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Learning in all comfort and safety!

AZEMAD´S Mini Hockey Eclipse Glove is the professional model adaptation for younger players. Designed with younger athletes in mind, these gloves seek to include the ECLIPSE´ key characteristics, but adjusted to formative stages and their unique developing necessities, offering them all the adequate requirements for a safe and comfortable learning experience.

The major difference is the Nobuck on the hand´s palm, which is a type of delicate velvet leather, offering greater comfort and resistance, more suitable for children. Aside from this, Nobuck provides less grip to the stick, which is most important for young learning children, as they can handle the stick in a lighter and looser way while developing technical dexterity, without risking injuries from over adherence to the stick´s handle. The ergonomic design, has carefully positioned stitches and reinforced contact areas, to insure full safety and handling, right from the first fitting.

The choice of materials and glove characteristics were worked out in detail in numerous testing, for high intensity matches in order to convey a feeling of freshness on the player´s hands, even under the most stressful occasions, thanks to strategically placed perforations insuring adequate breathing.

Fist: Elastic band with Velcro fastener;

Hand palm: 100% Nobuck

Lining and outer coating: Mesh net fabric (100% polyester)

Available colors: Red, Blue and Black

Sizes: XS / XXS

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