Eclipse Umbra Boots

Eclipse Umbra Boots

Leather model, for greater durability!


Light and Shadow of an Eclipse!

The AZEMAD Eclipse Umbra boots for skates, are Premium design version of the original ECLIPSE boots. Umbra is an Eclipse related phenomena where the light forms shadow. The Umbra Eclipse boots translate both elements. The white (Light) and black (Shadow) leather finishes increase durability and ease of maintenance, highlighting the same comfort and safety for your feet.

Designed for high grade protection, they provide a natural and stable fitting throughout one´s feet. Adjusted to all phases of skating, from initial impulse, to rolling and finally to braking.

Highly comfortable with extra protection, the premium quality inner lining features a fabric which combines durable suede and lightweight cooling perforated net Mesh, in order to achieve adequate breathing and sweat absorption. The tip is outfitted with reinforced protection, in order to reduce impacts shock from the track, ball, sidewalls which may induce toe injuries, as they´re most vulnerable.

The boots characteristics, choice of materials were designed in detail and subject to numerous tests, for high performing matches, insuring lightweight feeling and feet cooling, even under the most intense games.

Inner lining: Cotton

Outer coating: Double perforated plain leather coating

Available colours: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Grey

Tamanhos: 36 to 46 (contact us for other sizes quotation and availability)

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