Toe Stops for Skates
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Toe Stops for Skates

Take control of your skating!

AZEMAD´s Toe Stops were designed to offer the skater a good grip and braking responsiveness. Developed after very thorough testing and careful material choice, to provide skaters with efficiency and safety.

Featuring high quality grade materials, the brake is 100% rubber with an aluminium alloy screw. These options allow for a lightweight toe stop, one that doesn´t compromise the skate´s weight, as well as for uncompromising the brake´s durability.

Brakes are essential for skating control, as they enable other abilities other than their main function, like starting impulse, speed and direction changes. Given the choice of materials and the brake´s characteristics, the AZEMAD Toe Stops enable both instant impulse and close range brakeage.

Material: 100% Rubber

Screw: Lightweight Aluminium Alloy;

Available Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White, Black, Grey;

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