RV66 Beginner
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RV66 Beginner

Professional stick adjusted to you!

The RV66 Beginner is Player Reinaldo Ventura´s main reference stick for formative stages and younger athletes. Considered as a transitional stick, its characteristics already resembles the professional models, only with 5cm less (97cm), it´s an excellent model in order to adjust to more demanding playing styles.

The RV66 Beginner is extremely well balanced as it was developed by one of the world´s most renowned experienced Rink Hockey player, who is aware of what sport´s needs really are.

Adapted to player´s that have not yet physically peaked, this model is suitable for young athletes that are beginning to show greater dexterity and mastery of the stick, but look to keep a correct body posture given its shorter size, therefore not undermining the athletes natural development.

Size: 97cm

Blade: 90º curvature, with inner reinforcement and without outer coating

Shaft: Thin

Hardness: Flexible

Player Profile: Mid formative stages

Benefits: Transition and physical posture

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