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Transitioning to Pro!

The Beginner model is suited for mid formative stages as it already features a fully sized professional stick (102cm). Though not really an exclusive initiation stick, but a transitional one, it has the full size and characteristics close to professional models. The Beginner is prepared for situations that require greater playing intensity, as athletes start developing physical stamina, all without sacrificing their technical dexterity advancement.

The Beginner´s shaft is thin so to adapt to the growing stages of young athletes of reduced physical stamina. Suited for those that already feature an above average technical prowess and look for a natural transition to the next level, without compromising any of the correct developing methods. The traditional 90º blade offers a wooden laminated structure, with exterior composite reinforcement, featuring a resistance level identical to superior range stick models.

The stick has the same width throughout, to provide the possibility for cutting it down to smaller sizes. Such procedure is only recommended for skilled individuals or by appointment at AZEMAD´S facilities. AZEMAD won´t take responsibility for any procedure executed elsewhere.

Size: 102 cm

Blade: Fibre coated 90º laminated wood curvature

Shaft: Thin

Hardness: Flexible

Player Profile: Mid formative stages

Benefits: Transition Model

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