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Roc CN5

Abstract Genius!

The ROC CN5 was developed in partnership with player Carlos Nicolia. Taking inspiration from his family, in his roots, personal identity, Argentina´s blue Sky and the abstract that translates the player´s personality in the rink.

The ROC CN5 is the adaptation of the Compact model. The blade is without any outer coating fibre, and is internally reinforced, leaving the wood exposed for a much bigger sensitivity to ball contact. With a 90º curvature the blade´s geometry is thicker, allowing for greater damping. A very thick and rigid shaft, harmonizes with the blade´s sensitivity, to provide a firm grip, precision and superior power, all without sacrificing ball touch.

For those who like an abstract playing style, the model is suited for players that enjoy a superior sensitivity and appreciate ball driving. AZEMAD´s professional sticks may vary from the models shown, as they are adjusted to the player´s liking and requirements.

Size: 102cm

Blade: 90º curvature, with inner reinforcement and without exterior coating.

Shaft: Thick

Hardness: Rigid

Player profile: Impacting players

Benefits: Precision and sensitivity

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