The Argentinian Genius

Passion for the Game

Rink Hockey is a big passion of mine.  My family and particularly my father, have always loved and have been football maniacs, however I was born in a city (San Juan) with a great hockey culture. When I was just about 3 years old, a neighbour of mine was on his way to take his eldest son to a hall where people played Roller Hockey, and took me along as well. Despite the fact of being just 3, I remember feeling fascinated with everything and it was love at first sight. A month later my passion turned into reality.

It was through hockey that I made my first best friends and where I learned the importance of sharing every moment with a team spirit. To me interacting with other people and friendship are the most important thing as a take away from sports.

I’ve always observed and drawn inspiration from older players, and tried to do the same stuff they did. My enthusiasm’s always been to learn something new every day, and that’s been like that until today.


The key moment in my career was having the chance to come to Europe to play professionally. I’m proud of my journey as well as to wear the shirt of one of the biggest clubs in the world, like Benfica. But my biggest achievement and dream come true was making it to the Argentinian National Team and winning the World Cup (France, 2015).

I still draw inspiration in order to reach new accomplishments and improve on a daily basis. I think about my first steps in hockey and what I had to leave behind aged 17, in order to get where Am today. I try to give back my parents all the effort they’ve made to give the chance to pursue my passion and to get this far. I hope to remain focused without ever losing the fun and love in what I do.

The Stick

“For me, Playing hockey with a fibred stick blade, is like playing basketball with gloves”

To me the most important thing in a stick is to feel the ball’s vibration, and therefore I wanted a stick that would covey all that impression and allowed me to feel the delight of the ball’s contact, whilst enjoying all the stick’s handling sensitivity.

Azemad’s Compact model was my obvious choice since the blade didn’t have any fibre and conveyed all that needed sensitivity. When the collaboration proposal came about, I adapted that model to my name (Compact CN5). Recently we did an update to both the model and design, and ended up calling it “ROC (my 3 sons’ initials) by CN5”. The design was inspired in Sky blue and in abstract motifs, which conveys a lot of what am as whilst playing.

The stick I play with can’t have a rigid shaft as to harmonize with blade’s smoothness. I would recommend this stick to all of those who like to feel every touch and envoy ball handling, as for me playing hockey with a fibred stick blade, is like playing basketball with gloves.