2023 was a special year at AZEMAD!

AZEMAD has been positively contributing to the work experience of our employees. Discover the company's implementations.

2023 was an industrial milestone at our facilities. AZEMAD has been making continuous efforts to promote well-being and efficiency in the workplace. We have released a video highlighting how automation is positively transforming the experience of our employees.

Automation allows repetitive and time-consuming tasks to be performed more quickly and accurately, freeing up time for our employees to focus on more strategic and qualitative activities.

By eliminating monotonous and tiresome tasks, automation contributes to reducing stress and fatigue, promoting a healthier work environment.

In 2024, the quality of work will continue to be one of our regular concerns, and automation has not only increased the efficiency of our employees but also the quality of our sticks. See how the precision of technology enhances the passion and skill of our craftsmen.

We combine the best of both worlds to maintain exceptional conditions.