Wheels for Skates

Total adherence guaranteed!

Elevate your skating with our Duel 88A wheels. With a narrower track, glide with ease. More grip, more smoothness, and easier direction changes.

Wheels for Skates

Slide effortlessly!

Elevate your skating with Tunnel 94A wheels! The tread is narrower for smoother gliding. These wheels allow you to customize your skating style for all levels of demand. Additionally, being harder wheels, they offer a more consistent
skating experience and, consequently, less fatigue while skating.

Toe Stops for Skates

An essential detail in controlling your skating!

Start, stop and feint effortlessly! 100% high quality rubber and aluminum alloy screw.

Beatings Dash ABEC 9

Slide with Dash

A bearing that has been studied and developed in detail to improve skating speed and performance, for a smooth slide of the wheels.

Dotted Skate Laces

Details that make all the difference!

Professional standard laces. Made to withstand the forces exerted by players in the most intense of games.

Protective Slip

Detailed for High Competition!

Extra comfort and proper fit to the body for greater freedom of movement. With pouch for the groin cup and seamless elastic strap.

Groin Cup

Top quality protection!

Double-layered groin cup for greater protection and shock absorption. Adherent and perforated bottom layer for better fitting and proper ventilation.

Bag Stick

Always protect your stick!

Take your sticks with you in a practical and safe way. It allows the comfortable transport of up to two sticks per bag, with an adjustable shoulder strap.

Sport Backpack

Light, practical and comfortable!

Carry your equipment anywhere. The perfect backpack for your training sessions.

Urban Backpack

Classy and organized!

For any situation and environment, adapted to new technologies. Perfect harmony between sport and lifestyle, with a formal and careful look.

Urban Trolley

Take your equipment anywhere!

A classic travel trolley with cabin format, adapted to hockey and that lets you carry all the equipment comfortably.

Field XL Trolley

Carry more gear with greater ease!

With plenty of space, this is the ideal bag for your goalkeeper’s equipment.