AZEMAD Sport is a business segment of AZEMAD´s directed to sport, more specifically to Rink Hockey. We are the world´s number 1 brand for Rink Hockey sticks and we offer a range of sticks that reaches all stages and any style of player. We are constantly developing and innovating, launching products that support players across the range of sports equipment for Rink Hockey.

We offer products associated with Rink Hockey, but also some products that adapt to other situations. You can check our entire product catalog, follow our Blog or subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with all the news.

Not at the moment. Our business model currently does not support an online store and e-commerce system. The products on display are purely informative and are to make our entire catalog known to costumers. However, our custom stick configurator includes an online sales service. Know more here.

AZEMAD works with shops and distributors at various sales points that advertise and market our products. All sales points present in our list of Distributors meet our requirement parameters and are retailers recommended by our brand. However, after requesting contact, we can give you a quote and sell the products directly, later sending the order to the address provided. Fill out the contact form on the product pages so that we can analyze your order and proceed with the stock and budget evaluation.

Our recommended distributors are qualified to provide you with an excellent pre and post-sale service, assisting you in the purchase process. If you have any complaints to make, they will also be able to make a first evaluation of the product and assist you in the exchange process in case of manufacturing defect.

We always guarantee assistance at any time, as long as there is a valid proof of purchase. However, the claim must be made at the point of sale where you purchased your AZEMAD product. In case of a complaint or exchange, the product may have to be shipped to our facilities for our specialized technicians to carry out an evaluation.

Yes. Our facilities are located in Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal. All products can be purchased directly at our company; however, we always recommend a prior check (via email or phone) to assess the availability of the product(s) in question. Currently, we only offer in-person sales with cash payment.

All our products come with a warranty for proven manufacturing defects. However, being sports equipment exposed to high impact, there is no specific time frame that covers the warranty for our products. Clear evidence of negligent use, high-intensity impacts, or use in improper conditions will be the customer’s responsibility and situations beyond AZEMAD’s responsibility. AZEMAD will only be responsible for proven manufacturing defects in products without signs of intensive use.

If the manufacturing defect is proven, we will take responsibility and immediately initiate the process of exchanging the product in question for another identical model (or of the same value, if it falls within the same product range), assuming all costs from that moment until the actual exchange.

All our official retailers should be able to conduct a preliminary analysis to check for manufacturing defects. If the manufacturing defect is unequivocal, they will have the authority to make an immediate exchange of the product in question. In case of doubt, the product will be sent for technical evaluation at our facilities. In relation to the refund, it will depend on the business model of each distributor, being a matter beyond AZEMAD’s control.

Sometimes there may be stock shortages in certain products and sales points. If you do not find the items you want, you can check with the retailer about the possibility of placing an order and he/she will assist you in the purchasing process. You can also contact us directly and we will analyze the best sales method for your case.

You can apply to resell our products on the distributors page. After reviewing your application and in case of a pre-approval, we will provide you with our commercial terms and conditions. We value experience, ethics, ambition and the business method you intend to implement. However, becoming an official distributor and listed in our communications, will be pending evaluation over a certain period of time, where you will be required to meet certain business objectives.

#TeamAZEMAD are of those members that support AZEMAD. We choose the best players and those who relate to our values ​​to represent us and be a source of inspiration for all Rink Hockey lovers. But everyone can be part of our team, in one way or another. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive all our news in advance, possible offers and do not miss any news AZEMAD!

We would like to support and collaborate with all athletes, but unfortunately it is not possible. In addition to the players who officially represent us, we also collaborate and support other players. If you think you have charisma, you are an inspiration to other athletes and you have a message to pass on, get in touch with us. We will analyze and certainly keep a close eye to your path and evolution!

After the season´s end and before the beginning of the following one, AZEMAD will have a dedicated page and platform on its website so that all clubs can apply for a possible partnership. Upon sending the application, and if a favorable outcome occurs, Azermad will propose a sponsorship plan for negotiation. If you want to propose a partnership outside this time period or sponsorship context, please send an email with a proposal to

As the name suggests, AZEMAD is Made for You. The Stick Customizer will give you the opportunity to make your stick unique and exclusive to you. Now, you’ll have the opportunity to have your own personality reflected in your stick! You create, we build!

The process is very simple. You can customize your stick with some parameters of features that we provide. As you customize, you can check the updated result in the preview. After you have completed all the customization to your liking, you can send us the design for review and production.

For now, this feature is intended for the younger ones. The models from our Rookie range (Beginner / Mini / Tiny) are the only ones available for selection, but we hope to soon add our entire range of sticks. If you’re waiting for your favorite model, why not give a personalized and original gift? 😊

No. The designs will be confined to the parameters and features that we provide. What will make your stick unique and exclusive will be the different combinations of options, in addition to the text you want to add on the stick. However, if you have an original idea or a collaboration proposal and you want our design team to assess your own customization, download our template and send it to

For now, the service is limited to a hand full of European countries due to bureaucratic issues and lack of export guarantees due to COVID-19 restrictions. In that sense, the service will only be available to Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom, in a first phase. However, if you would like a shipping assessment to a country outside this list, please contact in order to evaluate your request.

You can order your personalized stick at an Official AZEMAD Distributor. They will help you in the customization process, but the final price for the product will always be the same as it appears in our simulator, shipping will be charged anyway, as it requires factory production and subsequent exclusive shipment to the store. When ordering through our distributors, you have the advantage of being able to pay and pick up at the store, facilitating and anticipating the shipping period and also having better commercial support before and after sale. However, it still needs to be paid in advance.

Customization costs 10€ per stick. Therefore, the grand total cost for the customization stick will depend on the price of the chosen stick model and shipping costs, which my change from country to country. In other words, the final price will be the Stick´s selling price + Shipping Costs + € 12.30(inc.Portuguese tax sales)per Customization. Before confirming your order, the total price to pay will appear on the submission form.

You can order as many sticks as you like, but keep in mind that each customization is independent from each other, even if the designs are the same. Therefore, you will always add the price of customization to each stick, but the postage remains up to 10 sticks per order. (insert quantities in the order form?)

You are free to write what you want, however, your design will be analyzed. AZEMAD will only go forward with your customization if it does not contain trademarks, improper terms or or words that may affect the company´s good name. For these reasons reserves the right to reject such customization.

The purchase process is very simple. After submitting your design and filling in your billing details, you will be evaluated by our technical team to validate the customization (over a maximum period of 24 working hours). Once validated, you will receive an email with payment details for the according to the purchase method. After payment confirmation, your personalization will start to take shape and you will be notified as soon as it is finished and sent.

In Portugal, you can choose between payment by ATM reference, payment by MB Way reference or Paypal. Regarding other countries, you can choose PayPal or bank transfer. We guarantee that all methods will be simple, effective and, most of all, safe! This is not a direct online sales method, you are just generating an order reference and the payment methods do not require any data.

The estimated delivery time is between 1 to 3 weeks. We hope to be as quick as possible, but there are situations that we cannot control. However, we guarantee a full refund, via bank transfer, if it is proved that the stick was not sent within a maximum period of 4 weeks, since the payment date. We are not responsible if the stick is not delivered because no one is available at the address provided, so it is important that you provide the exact address and that you guarantee that someone will be able to receive the order.

As soon as the payment is approved, we will confirm beginning of production. Once completed and ready for shipping, we will contact you by email and provide you with the carrier’s details and estimated arrival time. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Unfortunately it´s not possible to exchange a product that was made specifically for you, except under proven manufacturing defect. According to the law, all products that undergo individual customization do not require the Returns and Refunds clauses.

Your stick has a warranty which covers proven manufacturing defects. However, being a product greatly exposed to shock, there is no time period to cover the product warranty. Evident evidence of negligent use, high-intensity shocks or use in improper conditions will be the sole responsibility of the client, and therefore beyond AZEMAD´s responsibility for manufacturing defects in products without evident signs of intensive use.

We give you the chance to choose the colors you like the most, from a large palette, but you have to be careful and confirm which color you really want to use. The colors shown may vary on the screens of various electronic devices, so you should be sure of what you choose. The impression will be exactly the color codes you chose, but you must also pay attention to the color base of the stick. Some colors stand out more in white paint and others are less visible directly in wood (such as yellows, oranges, browns…),

which can also affect the printing of vivid colors. You will have a Share button that will copy the generated design link up to that point. You can save that link to edit your design later again or send it to someone so you can share your Work of Art!

All the data you will provide is necessary to invoice and ship your order. We guarantee complete data confidentiality and it will only be used for this purpose, complying with all RGDP rules . If you agree to subscribe to our newsletter, we will only collect and store your name and email address.