Rink Hockey icons and legends that have carved a place in this sport´s history, with all they achieved in their fantastic careers. But the journey does not end here and our Ambassadors remain connected and are looking for new ways to share their knowledge and inspire the next generations.


We support some of the best Rink Hockey teams and institutions, whatever their status or position.

The values that guide them, responsibility, professionalism and ambition, are characteristics that we value and meet our vision. Find out which teams are supported by AZEMAD:

Other partnerships

At AZEMAD, we always seek to establish strategic partnerships to support the promotion of Roller Hockey and the development of projects that promote the sport.

We support and collaborate in various contexts related to Roller Hockey, from events and competitions to communication channels that aim to communicate in an accessible way to everyone, in order to develop interest and make communication accessible to the entire community. We want to continue to contribute to Roller Hockey reaching the entire world and becoming a global sport.

We strive to evolve and adapt Roller Hockey to the present day. We always seek to develop collaborations that allow us to adapt and demonstrate all our passion for this sport.