A Champions Rink

The Azemad rink proved to be at the level of demand of the world's best players.

Sporting CP clinched the title of the biggest club competition for the fourth time. The 23/24 edition of the WSE Champions League by Azemad was an iconic milestone in the history of roller hockey.

After the conclusion of the WSE Champions League Final Four by AZEMAD 23/24, it is evident that AZEMAD’s contribution was crucial to the success of the event. As the responsible party for the installation of the flooring and tables, AZEMAD demonstrated the ability to manufacture and install a rink with the necessary quality for a distinguished spectacle.

AZEMAD’s investment was directed towards a solution that highlights the performance of the world’s best professionals, in venues that are not prepared to host roller hockey games. By creating a removable rink, the company facilitated the organization of the event in an iconic location, while also providing a unique experience for both players and spectators.

The event was truly unique and achieved remarkable success. This structure was a risk that the company took with the intention of promoting the interest and popularity of roller hockey.

The exciting atmosphere and quality of the game during the event undoubtedly contributed to attracting more fans to the sport.

In summary, AZEMAD not only met but exceeded expectations, creating the ideal conditions to celebrate roller hockey on neutral ground and a memorable spectacle.