A Family of Champions

A year later after the Portuguese Team winning the Rink Hockey World Cup, the FPP and AZEMAD mark the date

Barcelona, World Roller Games, 14th of July of 2019, a place, an event and a date the Portuguese won´t forget.

With a year gone by over the great win, which took the Portuguese team to the highest place on the podium, the Portuguese Skating Federation and AZEMAD got together to celebrate the World Cup´s victory, with a giveaway contest offering a 2019 WRG Special Edition Stick, signed by the champions – players and coach staff!

In a time when sports worldwide are in the midst of an uncertainity senario, it´s important to keep that connection between both sport and the community. The iniciative of the giveaway sought to revive the great moments lived only a year ago, when the Portuguese people gathered, shouted and fought with one voice.

In order to mark the date, a video documentary was put together by the FPP, featuring the moments and statements from all who took part in the win, which also had AZEMAD´s support: A family of Champions.