AZEMAD Dash Bearings

AZEMAD's Dash ABEC9 Bearings are the new product that promises to bring great performance to your skates and skating!

AZEMAD continues investing in the innovation and evolution of its product catalog. The launch of the new Bearing Kit AZEMAD Dash, promises to bring a quality option to the bearings market segment, after careful study and product development by the brand in roder to invest in a high quality bearing, with both materials and characteristics chosen in detail.

Designed for high level competition skating and for great intensity skating, the bearings intend to offer skaters a great performance commitment, keeping an easy maintenance profile, as they feature an ultralight nylon ring and  sealed on one side only, which in addition to facilitating cleaning, reduces the  bearing´s weight.

The lubrication of the bearing is done through oil, unlike traditional grease which reduces friction and consequently resistance in bearing rotation, therefore increasing  maximum speed to its limits.

With ABEC 9 classification, these bearings are designed for a high performance response and for fast and smooth skating, thanks to 7 high precision inner balls. The high-precision balls keep the separation between the bearing´s raceways and their purpose is to reduce rotational friction and support radial and axial loads, allowing the forces exerted on the bearing to be uniformly distributed, thus maintaining all of its performance.

All features:

ABEC rating: ABEC 9
Main Features:
Lubricating oil for low friction and ultra-light nylon ring
Central axis:
Inner Diameter:
Number of Balls:
7 High Precision Balls
1 sealed side, 1 open side for easier maintenance and reduced weight