Catalan Skating Gala

AZEMAD awarded with Federation Plate

The 3rd Catalan Skating Gala Edition took place on the 10th of March 2020, and AZEMAD was awarded the Federation Plate (Personalities, institutions, sponsors or important media to the Catalan Skating Federation), and representaded by its sponsored players – Ferran Font, Anna Casarramona and Roc Pujadas – as well as Catalonia official representative, Almató Dordal from Hockeymania store.

Ferran Font, Bronze medal at the 2020 Barcelona World Roller Games, as well as the Team Award, was also awarded the Men’s Roller Hockey Best Athlete.

Anna Casarramona, Women’s Gold medal at the 2020 Barcelona World Roller Games , received the deserved distinction as captain of the Spanish National Team. National  and CP Manlleu teammate, Maria Díez, was awarded the Best Female Athlete award.

María Díez, Anna Casarramona e Almató Dordal with AZEMAD´s award “Federation Plate”

Roc Pujadas, under-19 Gold medal at the World Roller Games 2020, also received the Team Award for his Gold medal, adding to his Young’s Roller Hockey Promise Award.

Roc Pujadas, centre, young promess award