Christmas Gifts – Hockey for Everyone

The Ultimate Hockey Gift Guide for everyone, Christmas 2020

Still not sure what to offer your family and close friends this Christmas? Look no further, gift them Hockey! In an atypical year that has done so badly to sport in general and Roller Hockey in particular, help and contribute to keep groing this exciting sport. Check out our suggestions:

1. Customized Stick

Sticks customization is AZEMAD’s new concept to stimulate interest in hockey, especially among the youngest. The new concept “Made of You” is an innovative service that allows you to personalize the sticks, making them unique, exclusive and adapted to each style. This service is aimed at the youngest, but a personalized stick is also a unique and original gift for the elderly to proudly show the sport that so many joys provide.

2. Customized Stick Models

Our Customized Stick models are the Sticks range that has the collaboration of elite players from #TeamAZEMAD. These sticks convey the identity and soul of each professional player, making them the ideal gift for those who follow and know everything about their idols, or realte with their playstyle. Offer inspiration this Christmas with the Redbull Hélder Nunes, Brave by João Rodrigues, RV66 by Reinaldo Ventura, Flash Ferran Font, ROC by Carlos Nicolia, Jordi Bargalló, GT10 by Guillem Trabal, Magic by Marlene Sousa and Liberty by Anna Casarramona.

3. Eclipse Mini Hockey Skates

Mini Hockey Skates are an excellent option for those who want to take their first “steps” in skating. Even for those who are not directly connected to Roller Hockey, skating is a great sport, which helps the little ones to stimulate balance skills, physical and mental dexterity, developing the taste and ability for physical practice in general, which is very important. In these times where team practice is very affected, it is important to continue searching for individual alternatives that bring benefits to the little ones, being also an excellent acivity to learn with all family.

Hockey Rolling Sticker by AZEMAD Sport

4. Eclipse Protections

Eclipse Protections (Gloves, Knee Pads and Boots) are the ideal complement to start skating and to play roller hockey. It is important to learn safely and, in addition to skates, Mini Hockey Gloves and Kneepads provide the necessary protection. The offer of a set of protective equipment for adults is also an excellent gift option, necessary for praticing Rink hockey. Choose the set of colors and offer a pair of protection suitable for each one. Safety first.

Hockey Gloves Sticker by AZEMAD Sport

5. Unisex Backpack

The AZEMAD Backpack presents a great symbiosis between sport and lifestyle. With a formal and careful look, its design details present a modern and sporty feeling, being a perfect gift and adapted to any style and person. With an excellent storage and organization capacity, it has its own bag for a laptop or tablet, in addition to a USB connection that allows you to charge technological equipment anytime and anywhere. The perfect gift for any occasion.

Hockey Backpack Sticker by AZEMAD Sport

6. Stick Bag

The perfect bag for those who need a practical and comfortable way to carry their sticks. In addition of providing an easier transportation method, the AZEMAD stick bags provide extra protection against all external conditions that may affect the stick’s durability. Being sticks produced in wood, exposure to water, humidity, sun or excessive heat, affect the properties and good condition of the material, causing damage and affecting its quality. The stick bags helps prevent external exposures and can carry up to 2 sticks.

AZEMAD Sport Sticker

Six suggestions for all tastes! You can also consult our entire product catalog. If you want to purchase a product, check the availability with our Official Distributors, or send us a contact message through the product page you want, to know the sale and shipping conditions.

Gift Hockey this Christmas. Happy Holidays 🎅🏻