GiveAway AZEMAD and

Following on a partnership between both companies, zerozero came up with the design and AZEMAD manufcatured the stick. "Everything will be Hockey"!

The famous website zerozero, best known for its large sportive data base, joined with AZEMAD in a paternership which to promote and offer a greater and better access to information about Rink Hokey tohe community.

In the middle of a pandemic, with all sports events in halt for months, the “Vai Ficar Tudo Hóquei” project, (“All is going to be OK” – as hóquei is very similar sounding to OK in portuguese, hence the pun, or wordplay), developed bt zerozero and supported by AZEMAD, had as a primary focus, bringing all actors of the sport together in informal talkshows and interviews. The project was a resounding success countings views by the thousands, and included special guests like Hélder Nunes, João Rodrigues, Ângelo Girão, among many others.

Besides the parternership, zerozero was also entered as a participant in the design contest, by AZEMAD.  Despite the good effort they didn´t make it tothe final.(fierce competition, better luck next time guys!). AZEMAD brought the challenge forward: to come up with best design and AZEMAD would manufacture the stick. That´s how the giveaway came to be and how a follower could win a stick which marks the parternership.

The contest took place in zerozero´s Instagram, and resulted in thousands of submissions, but there can be only one winner. Congratulations to the winner and thanks to all that entered the contest.