International Day of the Forest and World Tree Day

AZEMAD aligns itself with the date, continuously evolving to reduce its ecological footprint

On March 21st, we celebrate the International Day of the Forest and World Tree Day. As a manufacturer of wood-based products (furniture and roller hockey sticks), we have an increased concern and diligently adhere to a series of measures aimed at promoting ecological best practices and safeguarding environmental sustainability.

In this regard, AZEMAD ensures that all acquired wood comes from certified sources and sustainable forests. All suppliers must comply with ecological requirements according to our standards. Therefore, when the end customer purchases our products, they are guaranteed that all wood, from its origin to the final product, undergoes a rigorous process, ensuring not only quality but also sustainability.

As part of our internal policy, we implement measures to control our ecological footprint, thereby reducing emitted air pollution, contributing positively to climate change mitigation. In addition to all environmental care and policies, we have 3 hectares of Native Forest on our premises, equivalent to 15 trees per AZEMAD employee, demonstrating that afforestation is a present concern within the company.

AZEMAD had planned some initiatives to mark this day, but due to the current situation and the prevention and contingency measures adopted by the company, these initiatives have been canceled.

We hereby express our commitment to this date and our social awareness for the preservation of our future. Let us take care of our environment and, above all, our health!