New Eclipse Umbra boots

AZEMAD presents the new Elicpse Umbra leather boots, available in Shadow (black) and LIght (white) versions.

AZEMAD introduced a new addition to its hockey boots category. Following the unveiling of the brand´s Eclipse range, along with the introduction of new protection gear for Rink Hockey, the time has for expanding the offer and empower hockey player and skaters alike with a new advantage: the first all AZEMAD leather boots.

Having all the concept resting on the Eclipse, the brand created a new range called Umbra – a phenomenon related to Eclipses having to do with how Light and Shadow interact together. The Eclipse Umbra translates these two elements. The Light (white ) and Shadow (black) versions, featuring a leather finish, increases durability and easy boot care. Outiftted the high grade protection, these boots provide a great stable foot fit, as well as comfort, especially when taking off.

Featuring a sober look, these boots hope to bring an even classier style to the hockey ring. The development process was very strict, in order to further improve characteristics such as comfort, sweat reduction and athlete´s foot fitting.

The Eclipse Umbra have already been patronized by AZEMAD players, who´ll utilize them next season. Ferran Font, already an AZEMAD Eclipse user, fancying the yellow version, received his model Light (white version), customized according to the sponsorship he holds with AZEMAD, but also with regard with the Sporting CP sponsorship.

João Rodrigues, FC Barcelona player, as well as captain of the Portuguese team, will play with these new boots from AZEMAD. The player chose the Shadow (black) model, only requesting that the stitches be changed.

The new Umbra boots are not customizable and must be purchased according to the standard model available here, exception made to paternerships between AZEMAD sponsored players.