New Stick Configurator – Made of You

Discover the new tool that will allow you to customize your stick to your own style!

The new Sticks configurator is here! “Made of You” shows what has always been the focus of AZEMAD: the importance of giving all athletes quality products adapted to their playstyle.

AZEMAD has always been recognized for its customization in sticks that, with its wide range of models adapted to different styles of play, reach all the preferences of players, from the first levels of training to professional levels.

With its Customized sticks, adapted for sponsored professional players, adaptation and personalization has always been one of the great references of the brand.

Now, all players will be able to start having their own identity on their stick. However, in this first phase, this personalization service will only be available for Rookie models (Beginner / Mini / Tiny), to the joy of the little ones.

We know that you must be anxious to be able to personalize your stick, but wait for news to know if that model you like so much can be customized! For now and while you wait, why not offer a customized stick to the little ones? In these difficult times in which we all live in, it is important to continue to foster hockey and its passion, especially among the little ones. And this will undoubtedly be an original and unique gift!

The Hockey Future is Now!