AZEMAD is the main sponsor of the WSE Champions League 2023/24.

Innovative AZEMAD rink in the competition.

The Final Four of the World Skate Europe Champions League Azemad 2023/2024 is held at the Pavilhão Rosa Mota, now known as the Super Bock Arena, in the city of Porto. The event will take place on May 11th and 12th. AZEMAD’s partnership with SigmaStars for the organization of the WSE Champions League Azemad 2023/24 solidifies the relationship between the companies, with the expectation of providing one of the best events of the sports season.

It is AZEMAD’s main responsibility to install the flooring and boards for the event. This investment by AZEMAD reflects its ongoing commitment to innovation and development in the sport. It is both a responsibility and a sense of duty for the institution to promote roller hockey. This rink will not be a permanent structure, which enables the event to take place in such an iconic venue as the Rosa Mota Pavilion. In the words of Paulo Martins, CEO of the company:

“We are proud to participate in the construction of this rink and its boards. This opens doors for other events. It’s a dismantlable rink that can be placed in various multipurpose spaces.”

AZEMAD CEO Paulo Martins, Orlando Pança President of WSE, Catarina Araújo Youth and Sports Councilor of Porto City Hall, and Jorge Lopes Administrator of Super Bock Arena.

In addition to the rink being suitable for roller hockey, it stands out for its application time. With exclusive markings for the practice of the sport, it aims to improve conditions for both spectators at the event and television broadcasting. Similar to other sports, AZEMAD aims to demonstrate the need for regulations at this level of competition to honor roller hockey.

AZEMAD is confident that its work will help provide a memorable experience for players, spectators, and everyone involved in the Final Four of the World Skate Europe Champions League by AZEMAD, as CEO Paulo Martins stated:

“May the final four be a great success with the help of our flooring and boards.”