The stick adapts to the Athlete

AZEMAD carried out the development of a new stick concept for roller hockey. The equipment that combines high performance wood and composite materials, is adaptable to the athlete´s characteristics.

The evolution of the stick has always been limited, due to the fact that wood has natural imperfections, as well as external factors such as humidity, excess force exerted or its incorrect use, leading to the degradation of its properties, therefore affecting the athlete’s performance.

In order to minimize the aforementioned constraints, AZEMAD and INEGI have created a new concept of stick, combining two different materials: composite material handle (carbon fibre) and wooden hook. This hybrid solution allows to imitate wood properties, and at the same time facilitate their adjustment.

This solution allows for a weight reduction and rigidity increase, therefore obtaining more homogenous sticks.

The stick adapts to the Athlete

We highlight the evolution towards adaptating the stick to the athlete´s characteristics and preferences. “For example, if a player prefers a stick with a different rigidity than usual, the process and applied materials allow to control this type of variable, offering a different game dynamics”, explains Joana Machado, responsible for the project at INEGI.

INEGI´s contribution made it possible to develop and produce the presented solution.

The characterization of the mechanical properties, under static and dynamic conditions, was performed using unique equipment in the market, some of which already existing in AZEMAD as a result of previous projects with INEGI.