Women´s Day | #ThoEstasPerdent

Towards genre full equality, breaking social stereotypes

Today, the 8th of March 2020 marks International Women’s Day and, a year after the presentation of AZEMAD`s first female sponsored players, the company joins the Catalan campaign in favor of Women’s Sport: #Thoestasperdent: “If you don’t watch women’s sports, you’re missing half the show.”

AZEMAD is therefore associating itself with this statement and for what it stands for, demonstrating its support for all causes that support gender equality. The aim of this campaign is to promote women’s sport, helping to advance towards full equality, breaking social and media stereotypes about women’s sport, positioning it as a content of interest and capable of attracting large audiences.

Anna Casarramona – Spanish roller hockey team captiain- and Marlene Sousa  – Portuguese roller hockey team, joined AZEMAD in order to show their support and give greater visibility to the campaign, thus consolidating the female sports references in the community, especially among children and teenagers, in order to promote a change of attitude when facing inequality problems in society.

According to its principles as a company, AZEMAD undertakes to fight and promote Women’s Sport, not only today day, but in general.

Follow AZEMAD on instagram and join the movement in social media using the Hastag  #ThoEstasPerdent, find out more on the compaign´s official website