WRG 2019 Redbull Hélder Nunes Commemorative Stick

One-off edition stick draw held in player's Instagram, with support from AZEMAD

Regarding year one as World Roller Games, Barcelona 2019 World Champion, Hélder Nunes held a draw contest for an exclusive edition of its stick, as to mark the occasion.

This edition developed by AZEMAD, features the player´s personal design in shades of gold, bearing the 1 year World Champion mark in the handle.
Only two items of this stick were ever manufactured: one for the player gifted by AZEMAD and another for the draw´s lucky winner @heldernunes Intagram.

Visiting AZEMAD, the player brought along his all new AZEMAD’s backpack . Receiving his new stick, and took the time to seize the moment, as well as remembering some of the good times experienced just a year ago. The draw´s winner got the stick from the player himself, make that moment even better! Because it is a unique stick, shared only by both the player and the winner, adds even more value to it (as if an Hélder Nunes stick wasn´t good enough!).

Congratulations to @guilhermecvilhena the big winner e thanks to all that participated!