6th B Family

Martim and AZEMAD together for a cause!

Martim is a 3-year-old with a congenital nematic myopathy, a neuromuscular illness. Recently, Martim watched his first live Roller Hockey match and raved about it! The word reached to us that he spent the whole week pretending to play hockey, so we offered Martim a mini stick to start living the experience (we do apologize to all the neighbors!).

Moved by Martim´s strength and passion, AZEMAD invited the 6th B Family for a visit in order to have a taste of what we´re also passionate about, as well as taking the opportunity to support and help divulge Martim´s cause and family.

In order to help, we enrolled the support of AZEMAD sponsored professional player Jordi Bargalló, as well as Portugal´s national team World Champion manager – Renato Garrido – who were willing to contribute to the initiative. Martim had the opportunity to spend some time with two great World Hockey Icons and to receive an autographed stick. He still managed to score his first goals in our AZEMAD goal!

We would like to thank the 6th B Family for their kind visit, as well as Renato and Jordi, for accepting our invitation. Please visit the 6th B Family´s Mom pages to know how to support this cause. Together, for Martim!

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→ Solidarity Event for Martim (December 6 in São Roque, Oliveira de Azeméis)

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