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Azemad Jumbo

The firmest handle!

The model with the thickest and widest handle gives you the most secure grip with the fastest and toughest paddle!

Azemad Plus

Stability in your game!

Thanks to its thick and wide geometry, you’ll have greater rigidity combined with a swing feel and a secure grip.

Azemad Super

More flexibility and dexterity!

The flexible and lightweight geometry offers superior ball damping, favoring a more sensitive touch.

Azemad Strong

Firm in your hands!

A rigid stick with a wide geometry. Precision and security in the shot with a firm feel in the handle of the stick.

Azemad Special

Commitment to comfort!

Stiffness superior to comfort and balance in the grip, keeping the geometry adapted to the modern style of play.

Compact Plus

Cutting-edge sensitivity!

Feeling of balance with flexibility and lightness, gain of good damping in contact with the ball.

Compact Super

Dexterity, agility and sensitivity!

Greater sensitivity in the conduct of your game, paddle with wood cover and interior composite reinforcement.

Azex Strong

High-range firmness!

Increased radius of action with greater balance and comfort, thanks to the wide and rigid geometry.

Azex Special

Comfort at your fingertips!

Increased radius of action with greater balance and comfort in the grip, superior rigidity thanks to the Special handle.

Azex Elite

Peak dexterity with a longer reach!

Increased radius of action with greater balance and enhanced agility thanks to its slim geometry.

Azex Plus

Balance, stability and reach!

Increased radius of action with superior rigidity favored by a thick geometry, resulting in greater balance and secure grip.

AZ 100 Strong

Power with maximum reach!

A shovel with a greater radius of action, it provides great firmness and safety in handling thanks to the rigidity and wide geometry of the Strong handle.