The AZEMAD family Sticks is ideal for those whom keep faithfully with the traditional arquitecture. With its 90º curved laminated wooden hook, these sticks feature an optimized traditional geometry, when it comes to the natural evolution of modern hockey playing style.

Azemad Jumbo

The firmest handle!

The model with the thickest and widest handle gives you the most secure grip with the fastest and toughest paddle!

Azemad Plus

Stability in your game!

Thanks to its thick and wide geometry, you’ll have greater rigidity combined with a swing feel and a secure grip.

Azemad Super

More flexibility and dexterity!

The flexible and lightweight geometry offers superior ball damping, favoring a more sensitive touch.

Azemad Strong

Firm in your hands!

A rigid stick with a wide geometry. Precision and security in the shot with a firm feel in the handle of the stick.

Azemad Special

Commitment to comfort!

Stiffness superior to comfort and balance in the grip, keeping the geometry adapted to the modern style of play.


Shine like Ferran!

Let yourself be inspired by the brilliance of Ferran Font. To be quick and agile as thunder, this is a stick that conveys the player’s skill.


Even more versatility!

Reinaldo Ventura’s choice for a more versatile style of play. The right compromise between comfort and dexterity.

RV66 Elite

The re-adaptation of a classic!

Reinaldo Ventura’s choice for the most technical and agile players. The Elite handle allows for a more flexible grip thanks to its slimmer geometry and lighter weight.

RV66 Beginner

A professional’s stick adapted to you!

With less than 5 cm and for young athletes in transition. Extremely well-balanced model is the adaptation of the custom model of the player Reinaldo Ventura.

Red Bull HN

Talent in its prime!

The great talent of Hélder Nunes brought him to the forefront of roller hockey. Your identity is represented on your skin, but also on your stick.


Dare to be!

João Rodrigues is an unquestionable figure in roller field hockey. His boldness is conveyed in his stick which, with a widened shovel, allows for greater precision in mid-air shots.

Magic MS

Magic in your hands!

The magic of Marlene Sousa represented on her stick. The Magic model intends to convey all the unpredictability of the game inside the track.