Children’s Day

On Children's Day, let them be what they want to be. But don't worry, we have gear for all ages!

On 1st of June, World Children’s Day is commemorated in several countries. Despite being a date celebrated on different days by each country, being a child is a reason to celebrate every day. It’s the day of the little ones, of those with a pure and easy smile, with dreams and a fertile imagination, who want to follow in the footsteps of their idols and what makes them happy.

On this day we highlight that, the ambition of the little ones to follow the adults steps. But don’t worry, we have a kit adapted for all sizes and ages! The training and development of young athletes is one of the main visions of AZEMAD, which seeks to develop products that attract the attention and interest of the youngest in Roller Hockey.


The new Sticks Configurator is an innovative service that allows you to personalize the sticks, making them unique, exclusive and adapted to the style of the little ones. This service is aimed at the youngest, with three initiation models available: Tiny, Mini and Beginner – see also our Starter Sticks Guide

Hockey Rolling Sticker by AZEMAD Sport

Mini Hockey Skates are an excellent option for those who want to take their first “steps” in Rink Hockey. Skating is a great sport, which helps children to stimulate balance skills, physical and mental dexterity, and is also an excellent activity to learn, in a fun way, with the family.

Children are the future and we tirelessly support educational levels, highlighting the values we defend: Respect and Equality, for all.

In our Mini Hockey Catalog you will find equipment for the practice of Rink Hockey adapted to all ages. Because Hockey is of Everyone and for All.

Today and always, let them be what they want to be. Happy Children’s Day!