Goal Keeper Stick Guide

The stick indicated for defending between the posts. Discover the perfect stick that will help you dominate the entire goal area!

In the goal it may seem that the stick is not the most essential element for a high defensive rate. However, that couldn’t be more wrong. The appropriate stick is the perfect complement to control the goal area, in order to keep the goalkeeper safe between posts and not conceding goals.

Even for instinctive defenses, the stick helps the goalkeeper to protect his range of action and condition the attacks of opposing teams. There are sticks for different defensive styles and characteristics.
Which is the one that best suits your game?
Find out everything in our guide to goalkeeper sticks!

Goal Keeper Standard Sticks

Keeper NoCore

The Keeper NoCore Stick was the first Stick on the market to feature 100% composite technology and no wood core. This innovation presented by AZEMAD marked the great evolution of goalkeeper sticks and this model was a pioneer for the vast majority of sticks now on the market that are made entirely in composite.

For lovers of the traditional geometry, this stick is light, hard and very resistant to impact. The NoCore model is assumed to be one of the most traditional models present in the AZEMAD goalkeeper sticks.

Keeper Carbon

The Keeper Carbon Stick is an ultra-lightweight, 100% composite stick that maintains the traditional geometry of the blade, but applies an innovative and never-before-seen technology to reduce and balance the weight of the stick, thanks to its hollowed blade.

Presents a technology that reduces its weight, thus making the stick easier to handle and increasing the goalkeeper’s agility and dexterity, allowing for faster movements.

This technology creates a stick who favors goalkeepers reflexes as main intervention tool in the game. Despite the perforation, which can convey a feeling of greater fragility, the stick maintains the same standards of quality and durability.

GT 10

The GT10 models are the result of a partnership with the goalkeeper Guillem Trabal, raising the level of intervention of the guardians. This stick developed by AZEMAD, with the vision of one of the best goalkeepers ever, was the reference stick and the first ever with a shorter blade.

Due to the key feature of the stick’s blade, its shorter size contributes to the reduction of involuntary fouls, allowing the goalkeeper to have a greater intervention in his radius of action and a greater impact on the game.

Being 100% made of composite, this model has the same size as traditional sticks (102cm), for goalkeepers who prefer greater dexterity and agility, to the detriment of amplitude, as it is a lighter stick with better weight distribution.

GT 10 XL

The GT10 XL model is the reference model and the one that marked the great innovation conceived by goalkeeper Guillem Trabal. The main objective of this model was to adapt the functionality and size of the stick, always respecting the official regulations, shortening the size of its blade and adding that dimension to its length, in order to increase the impact of the goalkeeper’s game.

This innovation allows goalkeepers to have a wider radius and a more active action, reaching balls further away and allowing a more aggressive style of play, whether in the correct tackling of opponents or in the interception of passes, also contributing to an active decrease in involuntary fauls.

With a total length of 107cm and 5cm longer than traditional sticks, this stick is suitable for all keepers who prefer greater radius of action, thus signaling a dominant position in the goal and within the penalty area.

Goal Keeper Beginner Sticks

Keeper Short -10

The Keeper Short model is an initiation model for goalkeepers, being 10cm shorter than the professional models (92cm), promotes greater agility within the posts for young goalkeepers. It consists of a blade with the traditional geometry and curvature. It is light and ideal for the correct development of the grip and positioning of the stick by beginners, in rink hockey goals.

As with all AZEMAD sticks developed for goalkeepers, the handle is adapted to fit the goalkeeper glove and avoid any gap between the stick and the ground when placed in defensive position, which is the main differentiating feature for that you should not use field player stick in the goal.

This model is the ideal solution for goalkeepers who are just starting out in the goals and want a stick with the traditional geometry, helping to develop the basic concepts and the correct positioning of the stick between posts.

GT10 Beginner

The GT10 Beginner goalkeeper stick is an adaptation of the models created by Guillem Trabal, who developed his reference model GT10 and adapted it to the beginner levels, introducing a new level of intervention for young roller hockey goalkeepers.

The stick thus adapts the characteristics of professional models to the needs of beginners in goals. It is a very thin and light stick that is 92 cm long.

Like the Keeper Short, the handle is adapted to fit the goalkeeper glove. As with standard sticks, the key feature of this stick is the shorter blade length, it is the ideal model for goalkeepers who prefer to dominate the game “off” the posts, providing a better weight distribution to increase the agility and dexterity of young goalkeepers, but also reducing the possibility of involuntary fouls.

We hope we’ve helped you choose that stick that’s right for your style of play! You can also consult our Professional Sticks Guide and our Startes Sticks Guide.