Goalkeeper Roller Hockey Campus 2023

The goalkeeper campus, which took place from July 2nd to 8th, provided an opportunity for 72 young athletes to train with a professional group of high-performance roller hockey goalkeepers in Oliveira de Azeméis.

The Goalkeeper Campus offered 64 young players the opportunity to improve their specific technical and tactical skills for the position they play.

Similar to previous years, the event featured the special participation and coordination of the goalkeepers and coach from FC Porto:

Xavi Malián, Tiago Rodrigues, and Iván Jacquierz.

Tiago Rodrigues explains defensive techniques to the young athletes.

Azemad also supported the event by organizing a series of activities to enhance the technical skills of the young athletes, as well as providing the latest goalkeeper equipment, which will be available soon.

Both the young participants and high-performance athletes had the opportunity to experience the new gear, test it, and provide feedback. This testing phase concludes the necessary evaluation for the production of the new products, which will be available for purchase soon.

Additionally, Azemad arranged a factory visit for the young participants, aiming to introduce them to the facilities and, more importantly, engage and motivate them about the manufacturing process of roller hockey equipment, specifically goalkeeper gear, which will be launched shortly.

Young athletes visit Azemad’s factory.

Coming from various countries such as Argentina, Spain, Italy, and Portugal, the young athletes had the opportunity to learn from the best professionals who, in addition to their deep knowledge of Roller Hockey fundamentals, have experiences at the highest competitive level. 

Furthermore, training with high-performance professional athletes also provides a motivating and inspiring environment for the young players. Interacting with these athletes helps foster commitment and dedication in their training and competitions.

Another significant benefit of the Goalkeeper Campus is the opportunity to establish a network of contacts with other young individuals who share the same passion for Roller Hockey. Building relationships and exchanging experiences with athletes of the same age and similar goals are crucial for the personal and athletic development of the participants.

Ensuring the future of the younger generation in Roller Hockey is essential for strengthening and expanding the sport. By investing in the education and training of goalkeepers, we are building a solid foundation for the continuous development of Roller Hockey and the emergence of new talents.