March 19 – Father’s Day

On Father's Day, we highlight the responsibility of inspiring by our athletes, on and off the field, by launching the new pages of Hélder Nunes and João Rodrigues.

This March 19th, we congratulate all fathers and we join with Barcelona and the Portuguese National Team players, Hélder Nunes and João Rodrigues, as a tribute to launch their official athlete pages, thus highlighting the responsibility to inspire as role models for all athletes who represent #TeamAZEMAD.

Hélder Nunes, a former member of our team but a recent member of the Parents’ team, represents all the dedication and inspiration with his still young history, which recently started a new challenge: fatherhood.

João Rodrigues stands for being a role-model, always bearing in mind his great responsibilities as an athlete and as a human being. His son Afonso already sees a source of inspiration in his dad and started to follow his “skating” steps.

The inspiring stories of our players and their passion for Rink Hockey can now be discovered on their official AZEMAD athletes’ pages:

João Rodrigues

Hélder Nunes

Congratulations to all Parents, particularly to the remaining players who are part of #TeamAZEMAD: Carlos Nicolia, Guillem Trabal, Jordi Bargalló e Reinaldo Ventura!

Happy Father’s Day!