Dare to be!

The BRAVE model was conceived and developed in partnership with player João Rodrigues and is a unique adaptation to his playing style, being an exclusive model on the market. The key characteristic of this stick is its widening of the handle towards the blade, creating a non-linear
stick with a wider blade compared to the thin handle.
This stick offers several advantages, especially for players with characteristics in the goal area; however, this unique and bold concept can be more challenging to master due to its different balance and weight distribution from the usual. With a thin and hard handle, it provides a more
maneuverable grip and a sense of security when in contact with the ball, complemented by the widened blade that takes advantage of the entire width of the stick for a larger contact area with the ball, without sacrificing the thin handle for more agile handling

Range: Intermediate, Professional

Position: Player

JR 0601

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