Pau Bargalló

Talent and joy in the same stick!

The Pau Bargalló model was conceived and designed in partnership with the player to convey his identity and adapt to his playing style. With a bold design reflecting some of his personal tastes, this stick does not go unnoticed on the roller hockey rink. It is a very flexible stick built to
adapt to the player’s characteristics. Its thin handle, with well-achieved ergonomic dimensions, provides a more maneuverable grip and greater sensitivity to ball contact due to the low density and flexibility of the handle, making it an ideal stick for more technical hockey players.
This stick is therefore the ideal choice for players who identify with Pau Bargalló’s identity and playing style. However, the sticks of professional AZEMAD players may vary from the model presented, as they are readapted to the players’ tastes and needs.

Range: Intermediate, Professional

Position: Player

PB 0602

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