Mini Hockey Skates Eclipse

Hit the track!

The best for the greatest skaters! The right way to learn safely and develop skating!

Eclipse Boots

Comfort and protection in every slide!

Skate with the greatest possible protection, maintaining the comfort and stability to play at the highest level!

Umbra Eclipse Boots

The Shadow and Light of the Eclipse!

Umbra boots maintain great protection and comfort, adding greater durability and a cleaner appearance.

Toe Stops for Skates

An essential detail in controlling your skating!

Start, stop and feint effortlessly! 100% high quality rubber and aluminum alloy screw.

Dotted Skate Laces

Details that make all the difference!

Professional standard laces. Made to withstand the forces exerted by players in the most intense of games.

Eclipse Gloves

The game is in your hands!

Palm of the glove in Clarino for greater sensitivity and control of your stick! Greater ergonomics, comfort and protection, with a more modern design.

Eclipse Kneepads

Protect yourself from falls!

With a great ergonomic feel during skating, the knee pads offer great comfort and shock absorption.

Stick Tape

Put your grip to the max!

25-meter stick tape for excellent grip and vibration damping. Remarkable resistance to wear and water.

Azemad Sports Socks

Comfort and durability!

Extra comfort and proper foot fit for better grip on the skate. With increased durability.

Eclipse Mini Hockey Knee Pads

Don't be afraid to learn!

You have to fall to learn to skate, but always in safety and comfort, with all the shock protection for beginners.

Eclipse Mini Hockey Gloves

Learn safely and comfortably!

A version for youngsters that maintains the quality of the professional design of the Eclipse range, while adapting it to learning characteristics.