Starter Sticks Guide

The right stick for the right time. Find out which hockey stick better fits the correct evolution of young hockey players.

Adequate equipment is one of the main factors of evolution of young athletes. In Rink hockey, one of the main instruments to master the game is a stick. A safe and effective mastery of the stick is one of the foundations for success. But are all sticks suitable for different stages of learning?

At AZEMAD you will find hockey sticks specially suited for each stage of young player´s evolution. The sticks of the Rookie family stimulate the development of the necessary skills for the game. In addition, it´s a more comfortable stick for smaller hockey players, which helps to developing a taste for the sport. Discover all the sticks of the Rookie family and whom they are suited for.

Starter Sticks for Field Players

Rookie Tiny
The Tiny stick is the first stick that children under the age of 5 should start “playing with for fun”. It is a stick designed only to encourage a first contact with hockey, as well as developing of the first concepts:  gripping, handling, positioning of the stick, touch of the ball, etc.

The stick is much smaller and lighter compared to the usual sticks and is not suitable for any actual type of field game or intensive situations, so it’s advisable adult supervision and using the stick in a spacious and suitable environment.

In addition to learning the first concepts and becoming familiar with hockey, this will be the first stick ever, a highly valuable memory with a lot of symbolism for the future athlete.

Rookie Mini
The Rookie Mini is the first designated stick for learning within a training and match context. The stick begins to show similarities to professional models, but is adapted to the characteristics of the little ones. It’s recommended for athletes who start to learn and develop their first skills in training levels, up to 10 years of age.

The shorter length (92 cm) and its very thin shaft, allows for better handling and adaptation to children’s hands, compared to professional models, thus being adapted to the learning and development of the first basic concepts.

Note: The stick has a linear shaft thickness so that it can be cut and adapted to smaller sizes, but we only recommend this procedure for people with the skills to do it or by request at AZEMAD facilities. AZEMAD is not responsible for procedures that are not carried out at its own headquarters.

RV66 Beginner

Stick RV66 Beginner is professional athlete Reinaldo Ventura´s model, and intended to be a transition stick between the first initiation sticks and standard sized ones, presenting -5cm that the professional models, which are 97cm.

Despite its slightly shorter size, the RV66 Beginner starts by having itscharacteristics very close to the professional models and is an extremely well balanced stick, being an excellent choice for transition and adaptation to a more demanding style of playing.

This stick is indicated for intermediate levels of training and young athletes who begin to show higher handling skill and dexterity of the stick.

Rookie Beginner
The Beginner stick is appropriate for the highest levels of young training. It can’t be considered an “initiation” stick, because it featurs a full length and characteristics close to the professional models, and prepared for more intense playing and for athletes who starts developing their physical stamina and don’t want to give up from the development and evolution of technical dexterity.

The Beginner shaft, thinner than the professional models, is adapted to the growth phase of young teenagers who already show a better than average dexterity of the stick and seek a natural and smooth transition to the next stage, but do not yet have the capacity and physical fortitude of an adult player.

Note: The stick has a linear shaft thickness so that it can be cut and adapted to smaller sizes, but we only recommend this procedure for people with the skills to do it or by request at AZEMAD facilities. AZEMAD is not responsible for procedures that are not carried out at its own headquarters.

Starter Sticks for Goalkeepers

In addition to the starter sticks for rink players, it’s important for aspiring goalkeepers to be able to effectively control their full range of action between posts and to help them evolve. The models adapted for the youngest help them developing their defense skills, increasing flexibility and dexterity in the goal.

Keeper Short
The Keeper Short model is an initiation model for goalkeepers, being 10cm shorter (92cm) than professional models, favores greater agility between posts. It consists of a thin shaft and a blade with the traditional geometry and curvature. It is light and ideal for a correct development of stick handling and positioning for beginners, in the goals.

Like all AZEMAD sticks developed for goalkeepers, the handle´s shaft is adapted to fit the goalkeeper´s glove and prevent spacing between both stick and ground while resting on the floor, which is the main differentiating feature and for that reason rink players sticks should not be used in goalkeeping.

GT10 Beginner
The GT10 Beginner goalkeeper stick is the result of a partnership with Guillem Trabal, who developed his GT10 reference model and adapted it to the initiation levels, introducing a new level of intervention for young Hockey goalkeepers.

The key feature of this stick rests in a shorter blade, providing better weight distribution in order to increase agility and dexterity of young goalkeepers, but also reducing possible involuntary fouls.

The stick thus adapts the characteristics of professional models to the needs of beginners in goalkepping. It is a very thin and light stick that´s 92cm long, -10cm compared to the GT10 model and -17cm than the GT10 XL.

Like the Keeper Short, the handle on the shaft is adapted to fit the goalkeeper´s glove.

All proposals in this guide are only recommended as a result of to the gathered experience, and these suggestions should not be taken as a general rule, leaving to the athletes / coaches / parents for a better analysis of the young athlete’s style and comfort.
As a leader in the rink hockey sticks industry, we have unrivaled innovation and a long history of success. AZEMAD is the only manufacturer that personalizes and adapts the technical and mechanical characteristics of a stick to all playing styles and preferences. Adaptability at all levels and stages is key to success. In the first levels of training and learning it will be an essential factor in the development of the skills of young hockey players and the right equipment will certainly be a great support for this development. If you are looking for a stick with professional characteristics, you can use our Sticks Guide.