The whole Azemad´s bag range

Don´t leave any gear behind! Find out how to carry all of your equipment in the most easy and ergonomic way!

We all think we´ve figured out how to carry our equipment around until we try out more logical, easy, lightweight and comfortable solutions!
Discover Azemad’s solutions to transport your equipment or even the team’s equipment!

1. Sport Backpack

Azemad´s new Sport Backpack is perfect for practice sessions, walks or other everyday activities. Economical, it´s the best solution to carry the essential to practice and its design allows you to utilize it in any other occasion!
With waterproof zippers, it is made of 100% polyester – water repellent fabric. It has 5 pockets for practical storage, and with a bottle holder on the front, the backpack also has adjustable straps and padded back for a more comfortable carrying experience.

Mochila Desportiva Azemad

2. Urban Backpack

Not looking for a sporty design? The Urban model is the perfect harmony between sports and lifestyle.
Featuring a formal and sharp look, the exterior design will leave anyone uncertain as to take the practice gear or a laptop along.
Made of 100% polyester -a fabric which is a water repellent.
With 4 individual pockets, has a USB connection for charging gadgets anywhere.
This backpack also has a hidden pocket, adjusted to fit trolley handles.

Mochila Urban Azemad

3. Individual Stick Bags

It´s the accessory for those who require to carry their sticks in a practical and suitable way. Aside from the ease of use, Azemad´s Individual Stick Bags allow for added protection from all external constraints that may affect a stick´s durability.
As they´re made of wood, the exposure to water, humidity, sunlight or excessive heat, will affect its properties and the product´s overall good conditions. These bags can carry up to two sticks.

Saco para Sticks Individual AZEMAD

4. Urban Trolley

The Urban Trolley Azemad´s solution for carrying protections, skate or some extra gear to take with you! It´s the ideal complementary item to the Urban Backpack, combining sports and lifestyle, thanks to the minimalistic design!
Small locker room? The Trolley can sit up with any loads inside. The pockets are made to make sure you´ll have different types of access to same spaces.
With a semi-ridgid bottom, shocks won´t be a problem.
Practicality is the model´s strongest point.

Trolley Urban AZEMAD

5. Stick Team Trolley

This novelty has been tested throughout the last seasons by top clubs and now is Azemad´s latest asset to help teams with their logistics struggles.
The Stick Team Trolley is simple is what team have long looking for. The stick management enables to carry over 25 items without wasting the space around stick´s blade, which is oftenly not used.
The Tech bag is an additional interior bag included with every trolley! Allows the teams´s technician to sort out the necessary gear all in one bag, keeping their minds focused on the task at hand.
Now, the one technician can carry all of the teams sticks, tech gear, balls and match paperwork, as well as use the bag for other things, with the space left!

Trolley de Sticks para Equipa AZEMAD