Guillem Trabal

The goalkeeper legend

Passion for the Game

I started very early when I was 3 years old at CP Voltregà, a club in my region, through  my father´s influence, who was a great fan of the sport and who inspired into this passion that has lasted up until now. I love this sport because it´s fast, dynamic and requires a huge complexity of processes by all athletes.‍ I'm fortunate that hockey´s been my life for many years now. It was a hobby because I enjoyed it and luckily also had the chance to turn it into my job.‍ I have always been inspired by goalkeepers who would allow me to improve, not only those who were considered the best in the world, but also those of lower ranks, because I believe that inspiration and learning come from very different directions and people. Everything must be evaluated and take the opportunity to evolve.

Guillem Trabal i Taña

Current team
Professional debut


I am proud of the path and career I have built over the years, filled with great challenges and achievements. If I have to stand out, I consider that the most important trophies were the 5 World Championships for the Spanish team. Still, each title has great value because it is the consequence of a lot of work, being the way to compensate all the supporters who help to make sense of our dedication.‍ Despite having already retired as a professional player, I want to stay connected to hockey and dedicate myself to training, not only as a goalkeeper, but also as a team.‍ I am still totally in love with this sport and I want to pass on all my knowledge to the younger generations. It gives me great joy to be able to help players and goalkeepers to grow and evolve as people and athletes.

The Stick

“I feel enormous satisfaction for having managed to put my constant thoughts on a stick. ”‍Together with AZEMAD, I developed an innovative stick, never been seen before in Rink Hockey, which is now one of the most widley used models by goalkeepers, which makes me very proud of my vision and the partnership developed.‍ The objective was to adapt the functionality and size of the stick, always respecting the official regulations, in order to increase the impact of the goalkeeper's game. As the blade is an underutilized part and that often ends up being harmful, due to the number of involuntary faults that it can cause, it occurred to me to make it shorter and to add that extra length to the shaft. Hence the GT10 XL model. This innovation allows goalkeepers to have a more active partake, reaching more distant balls and allowing a more aggressive playing style, whether in correct opponents disarming of or in passes interception.‍ This stick means a lot to me because I feel enormous satisfaction for having managed to put my ideas and constant thoughts on a stick that became a success and set a new threshold base for further evolution in the hockey goals.